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Junk Removal Tip: Cleaning Tile & Grout

October 16, 2012

Cleaning your basement or kitchen tile and grout can be an all-day event and may even send you to the edge of your cleaning limit. However, Atlanta junk removal agents say that with the right tools and cleaning products, you can be relieved of some of the hard work and make the process a bit [...]

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How to Avoid Attracting Flies & Gnats during Vegetable Preparation

October 2, 2012

The nomenclature of fruit flies isn’t ironic; if there is fruit or any sweet-smelling food around, fruit flies will be the first to come zipping into your home. Fruit and vegetable preparation isn’t something you can avoid, but junk removal experts say there are ways to prevent fruit flies from coming into your home, and [...]

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Junk Removal Tip: Erase Cigarette Smoke Odors

September 18, 2012

As any smoker (or non-smoker) knows, cigarette smoke is one of the most stubborn odors to remove from a house. Especially to non-smokers, even the slightest hint of a lit cigarette can be overwhelming; but take a house or business where smoking takes place regularly and Atlanta junk removal specialists say you are sure to [...]

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Natural Methods to Eliminate Lice from Hair

September 4, 2012

Lice. It’s enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. Despite the stigma, lice are actually attracted to clean and oft-washed hair, so don’t feel like it’s a hygiene issue if you or your child happens to become infested. There are ways to prevent lice, but if it’s too late and you don’t want to subject yourself [...]

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Junk Removal for Dust Mites

August 21, 2012

Many Americans wake up every morning feeling miserable, stuffed up, sneezy and with pounding headaches. They try in vain to discover the cause of their misery – seeing the dentist to see if they grind their teeth, changing their diet and kicking the family cat out of the bedroom at night. But the reason many [...]

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Tips for Cleaner, More Energy-Efficient Living

August 7, 2012

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. That’s the mantra many people live by these days and it may be easier than you think. We live in a world believing there are a finite amount of resources, but that simply isn’t true. The amount of garbage produced in America everyday is astounding and eventually, if we don’t start doing [...]

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The Basics of Dust Mites

July 24, 2012

For weeks now you’ve been hacking, coughing and sneezing. You have no idea why all of a sudden you wake up feeling groggy and miserable and have frequent headaches. You haven’t changed anything in your diet or your regular routine, so what could be the cause of all these health problems. Junk removal experts suggest [...]

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Junk Removal Tip: How effective is hand sanitizer?

June 12, 2012

It isn’t uncommon to find a bottle of hand sanitizer on the desk of every employee in the office, but is it really effective in eliminating germs? Junk removal experts are familiar with what products are effective against reducing bacteria and the majority of their cleaning products are comprised of soap, not sanitizer. Although many [...]

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Junk removal Tip: The dreaded toilet brush

May 29, 2012

Communal bathrooms are just gross. Let’s face it – using a bathroom that who knows how many other people have used is kind of unsettling, but we really don’t have a choice unless we have extra-strong bladder muscles and don’t mind feeling uncomfortable all day until we can get home. One of the many reasons [...]

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Junk removal Tips: The Most Germ-Infested Areas of your Office

May 15, 2012

Junk removal services are thorough, but there are some other areas in your office that no matter how much cleaning is performed, they just remain an ideal location for harmful germs and bacteria. Here are some places, according to Atlanta junk removal experts, that you may want to be mindful of when you touch or [...]

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