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More Junk Removal FAQ’s

by on December 13, 2011

What equipment does a junk removal company bring to the project?

No two junk removal companies will be exactly the same, but you can at least expect for the service to provide a truck, a dolly and a ramp to make movement of the materials into the truck as easy as possible.

Can you give me an estimate on junk removal services?

Most junk removal services charge by the weight of the materials being removed. Your local junk removal representative may be able to give you a very basic estimate based on the equipment you need and a rundown of the items you have to remove. However, it should be clear that this will not be the final cost of the service.

Why do I have to make an appointment?

Each project takes time, so it is important that your junk removal service knows exactly when to show up and an estimate of how long their services are needed.  By making an appointment, they have a better idea of when they need to be where so no one has to wait around.

Why should I have junk removal services over renting a dumpster?

One isn’t really any better than the other, but it is important to discuss with the coordinator what you have that needs removed and whether a truck is big enough for that project. Dumpster rental allows you to remove the items at your own pace and you can fit as much in the dumpster as possible

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