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Junk Removal to the Rescue of Clutterbugs

by on January 10, 2012

Being a clutterbug is a common occurrence in America. We are consumers and we love to consume. That act of consummation leads to an excess of “stuff.” However, this excess of stuff is what keeps Atlanta junk removal companies in business! Here are some ways to sift through the clutter and decide whether or not it’s ready for the Atlanta junk removal truck.

Garage Clutter: The garage is a place where unused items often go to be ignored and collect dust. Once they hit the garage, these items are often not thought of again until it’s time to open the garage up and clear it out.  Most items in the garage are more than worthy of the Atlanta junk removal truck because they are unusable or unfixable. Broken tools, children’s toys, old athletic equipment and other unused and unthought-of materials are just taking up valuable space that could be used for something much more sensible such as, say, a car!

Electronic Clutter: Computers, Ipods, TVs, etc. are all pieces of technology that quickly become antiquated. Since these items are expensive and not necessarily unusable, we find it difficult to dispose of them. So they sit in the garage and collect dust. Fortunately most Atlanta junk removal companies have a service where old technological equipment can be recycled or refurbished.

Furniture Clutter: Do you have random furniture hanging out in your home? Furniture that matches nothing and really doesn’t serve any purpose other than giving Aunt Bea a place to sit down when she comes over once a year? Toss that sucker up on the Atlanta junk removal truck.

Renovation Clutter: Whether you had new windowpanes installed, your porch painted or your pool cleaned up, renovations are bound to leave clutter around your house and yard.  There’s no point in getting your house fixed up if all that junk is going to end up lying around.

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