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Junk Removal Tips for Selling your House

by on November 29, 2011

Selling your home can be a very stressful time, not to mention the pressure to make everything look perfect for potential buyers. After you have moved all your personal items out (or even before), you may want to consider hiring a junk removal company to help you get rid of all the clutter and chaos in your home or the remaining items that are broken, unwanted or unusable.

Call your local junk removal company to find out what items they will haul away. You may also want to find out if they offer manpower and if that is an extra cost. Once prices, times and size of dumpsters have been agreed upon, it’s time to get started on the junk removal process. If you have floorboards that are cracked or broken up, leave them because it’s better to see cracked floorboards than see no floor at all. Remove unwanted appliances, furniture, storage bins from every part of the house, including the attic and the basement. By getting rid of the items that take up space in those areas, the potential homebuyer will have an idea of the amount of space available for their own storage needs.

Don’t limit junk removal to the inside of the house; make sure yard debris, construction materials, wood piles, toys and other junk is removed prior to visits from home seekers. Once you have everything inside the dumpster, make sure your junk removal company hauls it away as soon as possible. You do not want a huge dumpster full of your junk removal items setting close to the home you’re about to show and possibly sell. This can distract the potential buyers and make the property look cluttered and dirty.

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