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Junk Removal Tip: Useful Products For Your Home

by on November 13, 2012

In today’s consumer-obsessed society, there is a product for almost anything you can think of or any problem you might have. There isn’t any issue that you could have that there isn’t a product that promises to take care of it for you. However, many people rely on some products that have been around for at least a hundred years and for good reason – they work! Your junk removal specialists would love to share some of these products with you and what they can help you out with around the home.

Alka seltzer is great for an upset stomach, but it has many other non-stomach uses as well. If you have greasy pans that are almost impossible to clean through conventional methods, try dropping a few alka selzer tablets into the water. The fizz will eat through the caked on grease, leaving with you brand new-looking pan. The same action will help unclog a drain and clean your jewelry. Alka selzer can also be a great addition to your First Aid kit. If someone is stung by a bee, wrap some of this fizzy medicine in a wet cloth and get instant relief from the pain inflicted by the sting.

Baking soda is another tried and true household item that is very necessary for many reasons. Most notably, baking soda eliminates odors in the fridge, in carpets and can even be sprinkled in cat litter boxes to help absorb the ammonia smell. It is also used as a natural teeth whitener and when water is added, the paste makes a great formula to clean silver.

Surprisingly, Vaseline (petroleum jelly) has a lot of uses as well. If you find your tools rusting in your damp basement, add some Vaseline to them. This solution also keeps seals water tight and prevention corrosion. Although messy, it can be used to lubricate nuts, bolts and threads.

Our junk removal experts suggest that if these items aren’t in your utility closet, you should definitely consider adding them to your list for your next shopping trip!

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