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Junk removal Tip: The dreaded toilet brush

by on May 29, 2012

Communal bathrooms are just gross. Let’s face it – using a bathroom that who knows how many other people have used is kind of unsettling, but we really don’t have a choice unless we have extra-strong bladder muscles and don’t mind feeling uncomfortable all day until we can get home.

One of the many reasons we might feel grossed out about our office bathrooms is because they’re dirty. Your junk removal service isn’t there to clean up after every person and may only perform a thorough cleaning once or twice a week. So it’s up to us – the office workers – to keep it in usable condition in the mean time. This means having to touch the dreaded toilet brush.

Junk removal experts say the toilet brush should be used often. “Fresh” stains are easier to clean immediately rather than letting them sit and build up. However, in addition to cleaning the toilet bowl with a toilet brush, you should add a cleaning agent such as vinegar or bleach. If your junk removal company doesn’t have any cleaning products in the bathroom, bring in your own. Fill a labeled bottle with bleach OR vinegar (not both) and place on top of the toilet or on a nearby shelf. Spray the inside of the bowl periodically and use the brush to remove water stains and anything else that might make your office toilet an intimidating place.

It’s almost impossible to get the toilet brush back to its stand without dripping water all over the place. To make it a little healthier and less germy, junk removal experts recommend soaking your toilet brush in bleach or hydrogen peroxide while it awaits use. Of course, this will need to be replaced at least once a week, but at least the brush is getting somewhat disinfected in between uses.

Note: If you think this is a good idea for home, think twice about using bleach. Children or pets can come into contact with the liquid which could be dangerous.

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