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Junk Removal Tip: Cleaning Tile & Grout

by on December 31, 2019

Cleaning your basement or kitchen tile and grout can be an all-day event and may even send you to the edge of your cleaning limit. However, junk removal agents say that with the right tools and cleaning products, you can be relieved of some of the hard work and make the process a bit simpler, and thus much more rewarding. With regular cleaning, stains are less likely to occur. This new cleaning process can be completed just a few times each week instead of devoting hours on your hands and knees trying to scrub mildew stains out of grout.

Get the proper grout-cleaning tools

You can opt for the typical cleaning supplies that include sponges and soft cloths, but you might be better served by using an old toothbrush when it comes to cleaning grout. However, you should be sure not to use just any old toothbrush. Find one with soft bristles to ensure a softer scrub that won’t scratch or disrupt the grout. Junk removal professionals advise against using Brillo pads or other abrasive cleaning materials because you may end up having to replace the grout rather than clean it.

A little bit of cleaning goes a long way…

Maintaining is always easier than a long, drawn-out process. Each week, manufacture a mixture of grout cleaner with seven cups of water, a half cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of white vinegar and a third cup of ammonia. Pour mixture into a spray bottle, making sure the mixture is thoroughly shaken. Spray onto tile or grout, using a moist sponge or soft cloth to clear mixture away.

Approaching stains…

Large or older grout stains may require a specialized paste consisting of equal parts bleach and baking soda. Junk removal specialists say to apply the paste onto the tough stain and allow the mixture to dry. Simply rinse away the paste with water and the stain should be removed. It is important to note that if you have very recently used ammonia to clean in this area, DO NOT USE BLEACH. The combination of these chemicals can cause noxious fumes that can be harmful to your health. You can substitute the bleach for baking soda. If the grout stain is small, employ a pencil eraser on the mildew and watch it magically disappear!

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