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Junk Removal Tip: After the flood is gone

by on January 28, 2020

After the flood waters have receded, the real work begins. Basement flooding is pretty devastating, especially if you had a lot of personal materials that got ruined or damaged (which is where your junk removal specialists come in!). However, the clean up must begin, so here are some tips on how to make it go quickly and easily as possible.

The first thing you need to do is remove all the mud that has accumulated using a shovel. The key is to do this quickly before it has time to dry and cake onto the surface and everything else. It is also important to remove the mud because it contains harmful bacteria that can pose a hazard to your health. Once all the mud and dirt has been shoveled out, use a hose to wash off walls and floors. Remove any items that have been affected and take them outside. If they can be salvaged, wash them off outside, if any of the items were cloth-based or paper, you may have to toss them in the garbage or have them removed by your junk removal professionals, else risk bringing harmful mold into your home. Make sure to disinfect all surfaces and items with a solution of water mixed with chlorine bleach.

Some areas people tend to overlook are air conditioning ducts and vents, as well as beneath switch plates. These areas need to be cleaned and disinfected as well. Janitorial experts say you need to replace dryer connections for health purposes. Before you turn the electricity on (it should be turned off before pumping water out of the basement), have an electrician check out all wiring that may have been underwater. Last but not least, check your water system for cracks, leaks, breaks or other compromised areas. The water line may have been compromised which could pose a serious health risk.

A flooded basement is a serious headache, but your junk removal specialists will be happy to help you remove your damaged items and get your home back on track.

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