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Junk Removal for Dust Mites

by on August 21, 2012

Many Americans wake up every morning feeling miserable, stuffed up, sneezy and with pounding headaches. They try in vain to discover the cause of their misery – seeing the dentist to see if they grind their teeth, changing their diet and kicking the family cat out of the bedroom at night. But the reason many people overlook the cause of their ailments is because it is microscopic.

Junk removal experts say dust mites can cause a bevy of problems when they live and feed within close quarters of humans. The common problems associated with the presence of dust mites in one’s home include:

  • Asthma
  • Bug bites (that are often mistaken for bug bed bites)
  • Hay Fever
  • Skin allergies (including eczema)

Most dust mites only cause mild skin and allergic reactions, but there are some parasitic mites that carry disease. Since they are parasites, the can live on humans and animals alike. The diseases they spread can cause serious health problems, which is why professional pest control and Atlanta junk removal services should be sought.

The best bet is to prevent mites from coming into your home in the first place. This may be difficult, but it can happen. If you or your family and pets are going to be near wooded areas, be sure to treat yourself or them with tick repellent sprays. Read the label to see if the information includes prevention against dust mites, but most tick repellent lotions or sprays should suffice. Another tip is to maintain cleanliness inside and outside of your home. Vacuum rugs and carpets regularly and have them steam cleaned on occasion, along with mattresses and other furniture with heavy fabrics such as couches. This is where dust mites love to hide out and wait for a meal, so if you regularly clean these areas, dust mites will never get the chance. Try and keep windows and doors well-maintained also. Repair cracks or crevices to ensure pests cannot access your home.

Sometimes prevention comes a little too late. For example, if you have recently had an infestation of mice or rats, you may think the rodents were your only problem. Dust mites live on all organisms, including rodents. They also may feed or be present on the droppings, which means your family is still presented with a health threat. In this case, you need to seek professional pest control help to determine which insecticides are effective. If you want to try it on your own first, DOT powder is highly recommended as long as you carefully follow the instructions.

Depending on how bad the infestation was, you may need to consider getting rid of your furniture and have a Atlanta junk removal company haul it away. It may be difficult to get couches, mattresses, etc. completely clean because you cannot access all areas of the furniture, which means the mites can hide from the vacuum or steam cleaning device. If you want a solid and guaranteed wipeout of all mites, call a pest control company for professional extermination or a Atlanta junk removal service to have the infested furniture permanently removed from your home.

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