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Junk Removal FAQ’s

by on January 24, 2012

What items will junk removal companies take?

Junk removal companies usually have a standard list of items they will take, including furniture, yard debris, old appliances, clothing, construction materials, etc. However, if you have materials that are hazardous, you need to check with the company to see if they will remove them. Regardless of what you’re having removed, you should always verify the item is acceptable before making an appointment for your junk removal or dumpster rental.

Where does the junk go?

Most junk will end up at the landfill, unless it is an object or type of material that needs special disposal or can be recycled.

Do junk removal companies take hazardous materials?

Hazardous materials need to be handled in a certain manner and disposed of according to state and federal laws. Not all junk removal or dumpster rental companies will accept these items, so it is better to call ahead and ask.

Will junk removal companies move items from one location to another?

Remember who you’re calling – a junk removal company. Moving companies are much different and honestly, since the back of most junk removal trucks are filthy, you probably don’t want your stuff moved from one location to another in those trucks.

Do I need to bring my own manpower?

It always helps to have an extra hand available, so feel free to solicit help from as many of your friends as possible. Most junk removal companies also have a few guys to help out with the process, but you will want to call ahead and ask how many men they assign for each project (which is usually based on the size of the project).

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